19 March 2017

Comexim Ingrid: a delicate coppery garden!

Comexim is, ever since I tried it in late 2015, my favorite lingerie brand!
I can't get enough of those narrow wires and projected cups...
they're PERFECT for my boobs!

Ingrid was the first I got to try and I ordered it in size 60HH, praying it would fit...

Discover if it did in the rest of the post, will ya'?


I decided I was brave enough to order directly from Comexim's site!
It was my first time, so I thought it would be scarier,
but it turned out to be quite simple and I placed the order comfortably!

I only ordered one bra (even though I loved 10!),
because I was scared that the size wouldn't do!

Now let's get down to Ingrid, yes?


Ingrid is a three part plunge style,
and the cups are made of a thin and foamy material, very soft and forgiving;
it's the most comfortable padded bra I've ever tried!

It fastens in the back with three rows and two columns of hooks-and-eyes 
and the straps are fully adjustable.


Oh my, do I have to really tell just how pretty Ingrid is???
The divine autumnish flower print is just marvelous!!!
I've failed to see many bras who're lovelier than her!
(Such a beauty must be female, of course!)

It has a lovely brownish bow at the center gore and at the beginning of each strap,
and a nice lacey trimming at the top of the cups! 
Also, look how lovely the detail of the straps is!
It's amazing how much attention to the details Comexim gives...
especially considering the (oh so nice!) prices!


Ingrid does what polish bras do best: 
it allows for projection and has narrow cups, perfect for my breast shape!
Both the band and cup feel true to size!

Since the sizing Comexim uses is quite unique,
I recommend you check the measurements at Bratabase and ABraThatFits!
Based on the recommendations I got,
I ended up ordering a 60HH (corresponding to a 28G UK) 
instead of the 70E the table on the site advised me...and boy, am I glad I did!!!

The width of the bra is perfect for my breasts...about 13,2 cm (5,2 inches),
and so it's the depth of the cup: 22,1 cm (8,7 inches).

The band is also on point,

measuring about 56 cm (22 inches), while extending to 71,6 cm (28,2 inches).

The only tiny little thingy I can point out in this beauty 

is that the cups are a bit high for my frame on the sides;
I would prefer the cups to be a little lower!
Nothing that a (free!!!) customization couldn't fix!

This plunge has moderate coverage,
but can still bring some cleavage to the table nevertheless! 
It gives a really uplifted and centered shape to the breasts, very round and natural!


Comexim plunges like Ingrid are THE bra for perky boobs,
with lots of projection and narrow wires!
You should check your size at Bratabase,
because Comexim's calculator tends to give a smaller cup than what you need,

Do you own any Comexim bras? Which ones?
If you don't, what are you waiting to go polish?

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