19 March 2017

Panache Sports Bra: get ready to kick some b*tt!

It's with great pleasure that I present you my FAVORITE sports bra ever:
the amazing Panache Sports bra!
Since 2014, I've fell for this amazing bra and can't imagine doing workout without it!

Let's get to know this sport "armor" in 30E better, shall we?


The Panache sports bra exists in both wired and non-wired versions;
the ones I have are wired and, therefore, more suited for high impact sports!

It has foam cups and each breast is encapsulated separately.
The straps are semi-adjustable and can be used in a racerback fashion,
by fastening a clip at the back.
The band is thick and it closes with three rows and three columns of hooks-and-eyes.


This bra comes in many different colors, from basic shades to colorful ones!
It looks more like a sports top than an actual bra, which is great;
it allows you to wear it per se if you want to!


Panache's sports bra is said to minimize the dreaded "boob bounce" up to 83%
and it does deliver,
at least in my small band/big cup department!
I can jump the hell I want...
so there are no "boob excuses" while working out!!!

In addiction to being supportive,
this sports bras is also very comfortable and it doesn't smash your boobs;
it actually gives a very rounded and lifted shape!

I have this bra in both black and purple colorways,
the first in 30F and the second in 30E, both being true to size! 
However, when I got the second one, I went for a smaller cup,
because I lost a bit of weight recently 
and it's recommended to most people that you size down the cup on sports bra,
to better encapsulate the breasts!


If you're a sporty girl, a good sports bra is essential in your bra wardrobe,
and the Panache Sport version is a total winner! 

These are the available sizes:

You can get yours in a great number of sites, in a great amount of colorways,
including SelfridgesNordstrom or Very.co.uk.


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Tell me which is your favorite sports bra in the comments, will you?

The purple one was kindly offered for reviewing purposes. All the opinions expressed are my own.
Clicking or purchasing through some of the links in this post may yield commissions for my blog.

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