12 April 2017

Ewa Michalak Syrena S: probably, the prettiest bra I've ever own!

This beautiful bra was the first I got to try from the amazing polish brand Ewa Michalak!
Behold Syrena S...a major case of love at first sight! 
The moment it was launched I had to buy it (I was in Paris at the time!)
I'm so lucky I did, because the bra turned out to be perfect!

Check more about this beauty in the rest of the post:


I bought Syrena in the S style, a lightly padded balconette,

with a three part construction and cotton lined cups.

EM bras offers a firmer and sturdier construction, in comparison to Comexim, for example,

which is probably why this brand is so applauded to support and lift even heavier and bigger breasts
(the blogger Curvy Wordy, who usually wears 75KK-L, is a living proof of that)!

Inside the cups there are small pockets where you can place the removable push-up pads,

to add an extra omph! or to correct some asymmetry!

It features semi-adjustable straps and a back band shaped as an U,

which fastens with 4 columns of 2 hooks and eyes!


The name Syrena fits this bra perfectly!

One cannot eye the rich shade of sea green (my favorite color!) 
paired with the navy blue eyelash lace, without immediately thinking of mermaids...right?

The straps have lovely satin ruffles and begin with lovely magenta bows,
the same color of the gore's gorgeously big and romantic one!
(Sailor Moon, anyone?!)


Syrena S is perfect for my breast shape, following the polish tradition:
it has fairly projected and narrow cups!
I ordered a 65F, corresponding to a 30F UK index size, 
and both the band and cup feel true to size!

The band is 60 cm (23,6 inches) and stretches to 75 cm (29,5 inches).
Nowadays I'm for sure in 28 band territory, but the 60 band was only custom available 
and therefore it couldn't be returned if necessary! 

Cups wise, the width of the bra is HEAVEN: 12,8 cm (5 inches); 
while the depth of the cup is 22 cm (8,7 inches).

The only fitting downside I can point out in the S shape 
is the fact that I could use a little more of immediate projection (right above the wire)
and a little less of center projection - "less peakiness", if you will,
to better agree with my even rounded breasts!
Other than that...perfection in terms of comfort and fitting!

Syrena in the S cut gives a very uplifted shape,
providing a rounded shape with a subtly marked peak.
Though the gore is relatively high, this bra has a medium neckline,
offering a nice "cakes in the plate" cleavage!

Close set girls might struggle with the gore's width...it's 1,9 cm (0,75 inches).

Here are some picture with the PADS ("cookies") ON:

Yes, the difference is not major...but it's still there!
Here are some gifs to make the before and after more noticeable:


Ewa Michalak proved it's point with this beauty:
projected girls needing narrow wires will feel fantastic in this S shape!
Besides, Syrena is a true beauty and makes it clear that even big cups can have gorgeous bras!

Syrena S is readily available in sizes 
65 F-GG, 70 E-K, 75 DD-KK, 80 D-KK, 85 C-KK, 90 B-K, 95 A-JJ and 100 A-J.

There's also a M version available in sizes 
60 A-FF, 65 AA-F, 70 AA-E, 75 AA-DD, 80 AA-D, 85 AA-C, 90 AA-B and 95 AA-A.

Remember that you can always ask for your specific size, if needed be!
Keep in mind that custom made orders have an additional fee and are non-refundable!

If you're thinking about trying the brand, go ahead!
It's really worth it!

Have you tried Ewa Michalak yet?
Wanna share your experience?

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