19 March 2017

Panache Black Loren: I'm too sexy to be a shirt bra!

The moment I laid my eyes on this Panache Black beauty, I was in love!
I knew Loren had to be mine!
I was lucky enough to be offered a 28FF back in 2015 and it's one of my sexiest bras!

Discover more about is fitting in the rest of the review:


Loren is a moulded balconette bra
(the front vertical seam is purely for aesthetic purposes).

The straps are fully adjustable and split into two near the top of the cups,
which is a subtly sexy detail!
The band is considerably thin and it's U-shaped at the back,
closing with two rows and three columns of hooks-and-eyes.


Quite stating the obvious here, but Loren is a gooooorgeous bra,
and it's charm is enhanced with each tiny detail you unfold when looking closer;
for me it's the most beautiful bra from the Panache Black line so far!
A real Masquerade follow-up!

The mix of the black floral lace and the champagne shade beneath it is a delight,
and matches the golden hardware perfectly!

On the top of the cups, the floral lace ends in a scalloped fashion,
and the rest of the cup is made of beautiful satin, just like the band!
The center gore finishes it off beautifully,  with a lovely bow featuring a little black cameo!


The 28FF feels true to size, both in band and cup.
The band's length is 61 cm (24 inches) and stretches up to 72 cm (28,4 inches).

Speaking of the cups, Loren allows for some central projection, 
so don't be fooled by the cup depth of 20,5 cm (8 inches)
(remember that this bra, as a half cup, will have less measured cup depth, 
because the cups are lower coverage).
The immediate projection (just above the wire) is not overwhelming, though,
but it seems to be working well enough for my even breasts!
Also, since the bra is not too close on top, it allows for some upper fullness as well!

Loren's cups are on the wider side: at a cup width of 14 cm (5,5 inches),
it's actually in the limit between "okay" and uncomfortable!
Passable, for such a beauty!

The only actual fit issue is the fact that the cups are a little too high in the sides,
rubbing my armpits a bit when I move!
Nothing too major, though, it doesn't hurt or anything,
but I would definitely enjoy if the cups were lower...
the wire is actually one finger shorter than the end of the cup,
and I would t.o.t.t.a.l.y give that finger away!

You may notice, in the photos,
that the straps are digging a bit in my skin...
that's happening because when I photographed this I had lost a bit of weight,
being more in 28F territory...
my response to that was to tighten the straps a bit, to avoid gaping!

Shape wise, Loren gives a very rounded and uplifted shape,
offering a sultry cakes on a plate cleavage!
It's definitely perfect for low cut blouses and it works well under basic t-shirt as well..
the lace doesn't show at all!


Loren is a bra that can accommodate a high variety of breast shapes,
and works wonderfully as a boudoir piece, despite being versatile!
If you like show-stopping cleavage and beautiful sultry bras,  
this baby might be the one for you!

It was made in sizes:

...and you can still grab one at AmazonHer Room and Poinsettia in a few remaining sizes!

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What did you thought of Loren?
Do you like Panache Black, in general, or do you preferred the old Masquerade aesthetic?

Loren was kindly offered for reviewing purposes. All opinions expressed are my own.

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