18 March 2017

Tutti Rouge Liliana: purple rain

Liliana has been around since the beginning of Tutti Rouge,
acquiring new colors at each new season!

For Fall/Winter 2015 one of the new colorways was this magenta and scarlet 
that I was able to try it in size 28FF back then!

Let's see how it worked, shall we?


Liliana has a 3 part construction,
composed of a padded lower cup paired with a lacy mesh top cup! 

It fastens in the back with three rows and two columns of hooks-and-eyes 
and the straps are fully adjustable.


The details of Liliana are exquisite;
this brand really pays a lot of attention to the little things!

I was delighted with the gorgeous Tutti Rouge signature features,
like the typical lovely heart-shaped strap adjusters and the giant center gore bow!

The lace is very elegant and romantic, in a lovely purpleish shade,
and the ribbon lining at the top of the cups, in contrasting scarlet, 
literally tops it off amazingly!

The colorway, although not specifically my taste, is beautiful and quite rich!
It blends well on the darkest winter clothes, presenting an alternative to black!


Liliana, although pretty, was not the right fit for me!
Being narrow and projected myself,
I totally opposite it's wider and shallow frame!
In the photo you can see the gap on the sides and bottom of the cup!

I found the cups to be true to size, so the problem would not be fixed by a 28F...
it was a shape problem!

The band felt tighter than most 28 bands I've tried and was not very stretchy!
Girls needing a 26 band might find a great option here! 

The profile is round - though slightly minimized - and very natural!


Liliana is an awesome everyday bra with gorgeous appearance!
I recommend Liliana to women who have shallow and/or wider breasts, 
especially if they are also close-set.
The bra is available in sizes 28-38 from cup sizes D to J and 40-44 from cup sizes D to F.

You can grab some colorways at Her Room.
Have you ever tried Tutti Rouge?

The bras were kindly offered by Tutti Rouge for reviewing purposed. All opinions are my own.

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