19 March 2017

Curvy Kate Cascade: a delicious green beauty!

When I got the chance to review this beautiful Curvy Kate Cascade in the Pixie colorway 
I was very excited!
I got it in size 28F because I feared it would be too deep otherwise...
let's see how it turned out:


Cascade is a three part non-padded balconette bra,
made of a soft non-stretchable material on the lower half of the cup,
and finished on top with an embroidered lace fabric!

The straps are fully adjustable and the band is made of a mesh fabric,
 fastening with 2 rows of 3 columns of hooks-and-eyes, and featuring an "U" shape back.


Cascade might be one of the simpler non-padded bras from Curvy Kate,
but that doesn't make it's lack-buster...at all!

First off, the rich jade color makes it truly enchanting, especially for me - it's my favorite color!
The hardware matches the shade of the bra and the straps have a lovely satin finish to them!

Also, notice the diamond patterned lace, the lovely CK signature bows at the straps and center,
and finally the diamond shaped crystal pendant at the center gore...
lovely, right?


I tried Cascade in 28F, based on the Bratabase measurements,
but it would definitely work pretty well in my usual size, 28FF!

Nevertheless, even in a slightly too small size, Cascade was a success;
I can see me wearing it over and over again in those times my breasts fall into 28F territory!
(My boob size can fluctuate a bit during the month,
so it comes handy having bras in 28F, 28FF and 28G range in my drawer,
that way I always have a bra that fits!)

The thing I love the most about Cascade is how low the wires are
(no armpit chafing, yay!!!),
and also that they are narrow enough to fit my frame!
The cup width is 12,7 cm (5 inches), which is P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N!

The cups are not too shallow - cup depth is 21,2 cm (8,4 inches),
but they would probably be perfect in a 28FF,
because I wouldn't mind a little bit more of central and immediate projection!
Actually, if you look closer, you can see a little bit of bulging,
especially in my - bigger! - left side!
Nothing too major, though!

The cups have little space between them,
so girls with very close set breasts might struggle with this particular model!

The band feels true to size, and it is not too sturdy
- something I feared about Curvy Kate, based on other reviews;
the band has a length of 58 cm (22,8 inches) and stretches to 73 cm (28,7 inches).
It's thin and delicate, but still supportive!

The fabric on the lower half of the cup helps to lift the breast up and center,
giving a very natural rounded shape!

I think that, in my actual size, the shape would be even rounder!
(I've heard that unpadded CK tend to give a slightly triangular shape
when worn a size/or two below your right size!)


My first experience with Curvy Kate was a S-U-C-C-E-S-S!
I'll probably stick with my usual UK size 28FF from now on!

The brand is known to frequently offer wider and shallower options, 
but Cascade seems to work pretty well for narrow and moderately projected girls!

If you have issues with the height of the wing and the subsequent arm rubbing,
 give this baby a try...the low wires are a delight!

It's available in 28-40 D-K and 42-44 D-G.

If you're lucky to still find your size,
You can grab one in the pacific blue colorway at Figleaves or a Pixie one at My Milla.

Other reviews:
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Have you tried Curvy Kate yet? Which CK bras do you own?

What are your thoughts on the brand?

Cascade was kindly offered by Curvy Kate for reviewing purposes. All opinions expressed are my own.

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