13 May 2017

Tutti Rouge Tallulah Sunshine: sweet like candy!

I am a die hard fan for Tutti Rouge's aesthetic (even though it's bra shapes don't agree much with me!),
so when I saw this beautiful set for sale at The Bra Closet, I couldn't resist it!
I ordered the size 28FF and S thong!
Discover how they fit in the rest of the post!


Tallulah is a semi-padded balconette bra, with a 3 part construction.

The top part of the cups is made of lace than ends with a silicone strip to keep everything in place,
while the rest of the cup is made of a relatively thick material, with no padding, however!

 It's not my case, because I don't have sensitive skin, but some might find the lace a little bit scratchy!

The straps are semi-adjustable, with a minimum length of 27 cm (10,6 inches).

The band fastens with 2 rows of 3 columns of hooks-and-eyes, in an U-shaped back.


Do I have to explain just how girly pretty Tallulah Sunshine is?!
The delicacy of the yellow satin fabric, matched with the light pink, 
is the perfect combination to welcome Spring!

The flower lace is very romantic, and applied gorgeously along both pieces!

Tallulah Sunshine, also features cute white and yellow striped bows,

the bigger ones, featuring a sparkling heart droplet, at the center gore and front of the panties,
and tiny versions at the middle of each strap and at the back of the panties.

The adjusters feature the usual - super cute! - TR heart shaped hardware!


Tutti Rouge is know for it's wide and shallow shape and wide placed straps,

so it was no surprise to me to me that Tallulah Sunshine kept that promise!
However, the shape incompatibility,
along with the fact that I could actually use a 28G instead of the 28FF I ordered,
initially made me decide to SELL this precious baby set...

the more I tried on the set to see if it magically looked better than before,
the more I fell for this beauty...
That being said, I decided to search ways to make the cups more suitable for my shape
and, luckily for me, I followed All it´s Fair in Love and Lingerie tips,
and, bending over the wires of Tallulah Sunshine,
I was able to get deeper and narrower cups, which made the bra fit waaaay better!

As for the straps, the solution I came up with (having close to ZERO stitching skills)

was to wear the bra as a racerback!

Sure, it's NOT PERFECT and not exactly a technical fit,

but the set is so BEAUTIFUL that I've already wore it and felt like I was wearing Spring itself!

Now, onto the measuring:

the band is 57,8 cm (22,8 inches) and expands to 71 cm (28 inches) when stretched.
AFTER the bending, the cups of the Tallulah Sunshine provide a depth of 23 cm (9.1 inches) 
and a width of 13,5 cm (5,3 inches),
much better than the initial width of 15,2 cm (6 inches)!

I know, I know, I still get some quadding going on, but, believe me, 

it was way worse before my little superhuman wire bending action! (ha!)

I'm FoB with medium to tall roots and I believe this bra is more suitable for FoB with short roots!

I'd say most people will have to size up in this beauty, specially the FoT and tall rooted girls!

The placement of the straps, like I said, is very wide and that,

paired with the fact they're not full adjustable,
made them a bit too loose and way too clingy of my armpits for my taste

BEFORE I put them in a more rightful place with a little racerback trick!

Because of the wide placement of the straps (even with my trick!)

and the configuration of the the cups, I get a slightly "east-west" look...
nevertheless, from the profile, 
you can see the naturally round, slightly minimizing appearance Tallulah provided!

The brazilian brief wasn't available at XS anymore, but the S fits good enough!
(A little bit roomier than I would like, but not at the point of falling out!)
My hip measures 91 cm, for reference!

They're very low rise, which is always a nice bonus point in my book,
but might not be everyone's cup of tea!


Even though it's not the most perfect shape for me,
this set sings to that fairy I have resting inside me, longing for pretty and girly stuff!
Tallulah is best suited for FoB with medium to wide roots and shallower shapes!

The bra is available in sizes 28-38 from D-HH cups and the briefs from sizes XS-XXL!

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Did this beauty tempt you?
Have you tried any TUTTI ROUGE bras yet? Do you swear by any?

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