18 March 2017

Porcelain Tango Plunge: the adventure began!

Hi there and welcome to Brallerina!
I'm still making some layout changes at the moment, 
but I wanted to start uploading content here as soon as possible,
so pardon me if things are not all settle up!

Anyway,  I wanted the first post of my lingerie blog to be a look into the past!
Come with me to discover what my first bra in my real size looked like!

Once upon a time, back in 2014, I grew tired of settling with 34Ds and 32Es
and decided to take matters into my own hands!
I measured myself, coming up with 28FF/G in online calculators, and searched the eBay for easy prays!

The Panache Tango plunge (and it's price!) caught my eye so I ordered it in size 28G!
It worked out pretty well cup wise (compared to the bras I owned),
despite it's pointy shape, which I'm not a fan of!
The band was pretty sturdy (note that I was used to 34 and 32), so I had to use an extender at first.

I didn't get to wear Panache Tango much because of the facts I mentioned above,
but it was a start nevertheless, as it sent me into my bra fitting journey!

What about you?
Which was your first "true size" bra?

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