19 March 2017

Flirtelle Ariel: fuchsia is always a good idea!

Back in 2015, Brastop gave me the chance to try Flirtelle for the first time, 
so I picked Ariel in the cheerful fuchsia pink colorway!

Let's see how this 30F worked out, shall we?


Ariel is a three part balconette made of a relatively thin padded fabric!
The top lace might me a little scratchy and irritative to sensitive skin!

The straps are fully adjustable and the band is made of a mesh fabric, 
which fastens with 2 rows of 3 columns of hooks-and-eyes.


Ariel has a very "Barbie girl" feeling to it:
the fuchsia pink is paired with orange embroidered lace at the top of the cups
and the cute purple bows at the the center gore and the straps finish it off perfectly!

It's not a bra for shy girls, that's for sure!


I picked Ariel in 30F, since there was no 28FF (my usual size),
but it worked pretty well! 

The cups have a nice center projection - cup depth is 22cm (8,7 inches), 
but it should be noted they don't allow much immediate projection.
I have enough room to get just a tiny tiny "orange in a glass" effect...
nothing too major, neither noticeable under clothing!

Since the top of the cups it's pretty open at the top,
the lace embroidery doesn't lay super flat on my chest...
it might even seem that there's some gaping...but that's just the photos deceiving you...
I actually get a tiny bit of quadding in both breasts,
but nothing that would make me go for a 30FF though!

Therefore, I would say this cups run true to size and are more even fullness or FoT shape. 

The width of the cups is 13,6cm (5,4 inches), and therefore about a finger too wide for my shape!
However, since the cups are low on the sides, I don't get any armpit discomfort with Ariel!
(Aaaaaaah, bless that!)

The band feels more like a 28...which is fine for me, since I usually wear that size!
It measures 61 cm (24 inches) and it extends to 75 cm (29,5 inches) when stretched!

The gore is a little bit stiff...nothing too major nor too uncomfortable;
it pokes a little and it left a small indentation after I wore it for a full day.
Otherwise, the bra was perfectly comfortable!

Ariel gives a uplifted and centered round shape, allowing for a bit of cleavage as well!


Ariel is a fun and colorful bra, 
perfect when you want something girly in your bra-drobe!

It exists in both padded and non-padded versions,
in fuchsia pink (which I reviewed) and lilac.

Ariel padded is available in sizes 30-32 E-K and 34-38 E-HH
and the unpadded in sizes 32-38 DD-K and 40 DD-J.

I was excited to try Flirtelle and the brand delivered it,
seems like a nice and affordable brand to explore!

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Ariel was kindly offered by Brastop for reviewing purposes. All opinions expressed are my own.

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