13 May 2017

Panache Sport Non Wired Sports bra: a soft yet supportive fella!

I have a (not so secret) crush on the AMAZING PANACHE SPORT bras!
This time I'm showing you one of my all time favorites: the terrific non wired version in the "latte" color way!
The size I'm reviewing is 30E! Enjoy:


The non wired sports bra is made of a really soft material...
the cups are moulded and very foamy - but not in an exaggerated way!

The two cups are separated, to avoid the "uni-boob" effect!

The straps are extra-soft and padded for comfort and can be semi-adjusted,
as well as used in a racerback fashion, by fastening a clip at the back.

The band is thick and soft, clasping with three rows and three columns of cushioned hooks-and-eyes.


This sport bra is very delicate... because of the "latte" color it's actually PRETTY!
(Am I allowed to say this about a sports bra?!).
It looks really well-made, also, with a careful attention to the details!


The non wired version of Panache Sport bra is still pretty supportive,
keeping the girls in place through low to medium impact activities!

I picked the same size as the wired version, 30E, and it worked out wonderfully!
The band is 62,5 cm (24,6 inches) and stretches to cm (28,3 inches).

The cups - having a width of 16 cm (6,3 inches) are naturally on the wider side,
but the fabric is SO soft that it's not uncomfortable at the armpits - or anywhere - at all!
The cup depth is pretty reasonable, being 21 cm (8,3 inches). 
The straps - and ALL the bra, actually! - are incredibly comfortable and SOFT!

The only fit issue I can point out - and it really it's just a detail -
is that the cups could have a little less height!

Fit wise, this bra offers a very round and lifted shape,
though a little bit more parted than the wired counterpart!
(The breast tissue splays a little more, naturally, without the wires!)
I find it very flattering, nevertheless!


If you're a Pilates or Yoga fan and you need your "ladies" to be secure during the strangest positions,
your "bra-drobe" is not complete until you own this super comfy non wired sports bra!

Some girls might even find that this bra is perfect outside the gym altogether...
it's THAT comfortable and supportive!

It's available in sizes:

You can find yours at FigleavesVeryLitteWoods, La Redoute and Selfridges 
in a lot of different color ways!

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Which is the SPORTS BRA you swear by?

Have a lovely - and sporty! - week, will ya?


This sports bra was kindly gifted for reviewing purposes. All the opinions expressed are my own.

Clicking or purchasing through some of the links in this post may yield commissions for my blog.

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