13 May 2017

Panache Black Ardor & Panache Porcelain Grace: perfect daily wear bras!

Panache Lingerie is one of my favorite bra brands 
and the two t-shirt bras I'm presenting today are living proof of that!
I've own them for a full year and I wore them over and over again!

Porcelain Grace is a now discontinued bra which exists in 3 color ways 
(indigo blue - my first padded Panache bra!, scarlet - which I'm reviewing here and sherbet
Ardour, on the other hand, remains within Panache collection, existing in basic colors,
and fashion color ways, every now and then!

Discover what makes them so special in the rest of the review:


The Porcelain Grace and the Ardour are both moulded t-shirt bras!

The straps of the Porcelain Grace are fully adjustable, while the Ardour's are only semi-adjustable!
Their bands fasten with 2 rows of 3 columns of hooks-and-eyes! 


Porcelain Grace is a utility t-shirt bra, and, therefore, is very simple!
The only details are the same color dotting and geometrical print in the satin-like fabric!

Ardour, however, is a prettified version of Porcelain Grace,
featuring gorgeous, yet discreet, lace detailing at the inner part of the straps and the whole band,
and a elegant rose bud and small crystal details at the center gore!

The hardware is in contrasting gold.
It's not something overwhelming, but it's a perfect upgrade for a simple t-shirt bra!


Both bras feel true to size in size 30F!
Both bands were, when they first arrived,  about 64 cm (25,2 inches) and stretched to 69 cm (27,2 inches).
Since I've worn these bras for a bit now, I'm currently wearing them at the second hook!

The cups are moderately deep 
- Porcelain Grace has 22 cm (8,7 inches) and Ardour has 22,2 cm (8,7 inches) of depth -
and are suitable for FoB and even breast!
They are a bit tall, and might not be suitable for short roots though!

Unfortunately, they are a bit too wide for my frame: both having 14 cm (5,5 inches) of width!
This accounts for a bit of armpit chaffing, the only fit problem I get with these bras...
Except for this, these are PERFECT moulded t-shirt bras for me!

As you can see, these bras offer an aweeeeeesome round and uplifted shape,
allowing for a glimpse of cleavage, with his heart shaped form, putting the breasts up and center!
They are perfectly smooth under tight tops and favor most of the clothes!


Round, smooth and cleavagey, these bras are nice bets if you want a t-shirt bra,
and need some projection (as most t-shirt bras tend to be too shallow!).
They'll work better if you're even to FoB, 
since these bras offer a rather nice immediate projection (just above the wire)!
The only issues for some girls might be the medium width wires...
that might be tricky for those needing narrow wires,
and the somehow high cups...that might not be short roots friendly!

They're both available in sizes 28-38 D-G!

You can find Ardor at Selfridges, Her RoomAmazon, La Redoute or eBay.
Porcelain Grace, on the other hand, can still be found at Her Room or eBay.

Are you feeling tempted by these beauties? Which one?

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